US: Somalia must hold election on time

Senior officials of the Federal Government of Somalia, Federal Member States and representatives of the country's international partners participates in a one day event of Somalia Partnership Forum held in Mogadishu, Somalia on 7 December 2020. UN Photo / Mokhtar Ahmed

The United States calls on Somalia to hold the election on time and per the central government and regional leaders September agreement.

Speaking at the Somalia Partnership Forum held in Mogadishu, US ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto warned Somali opposition presidential candidates against holding parallel electoral processes and grabbing power through illegal means.

“The United States and all the donor communities and partners are concerned about the electoral impasse. We call on the federal member states and the federal government to reach out and resolve these differences. We will all hold anyone who is a bad player accountable and we will do all we can to achieve these elections and also stability,” he said.

The warning comes days after twelve presidential candidates announced their electoral commission to counter the government and federal member states led process.

The opposition accuses President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo’s administration of wanting to rig the vote, an accusation denied by the government.

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Roble said his government is open to speaking to political stakeholders on election issues.

“Federal Government of Somalia is committed to deliver a peaceful, credible election that is as timely and inclusive as possible,” Roble said, addressing the Somali Partnership Forum in Mogadishu.

Yamamoto said the Somali people need stability and its leaders must be accountable to the population.

“The Somali people more than ever need unity, stability and inclusion. If we fail today, the sacrifices will be for not, and the gains we are trying to achieve in the next days will be reversed. We the United States along without partners commit to educating one million children, create one million jobs, we look at expanding economic developments the most important to expand good governance to hold any elected official in Somalia accountable to the people.”

Somalia is expected to hold both parliamentary and presidential elections before February 8th.


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