Somalia’s Former President Oppose Term Extension

Former Somali president Sheikh Shariff Sheikh Ahmed. (PHOTO/COURTESY)

Former Somalia President has opposed the government’s plan to extend its mandate by a year.

In a statement, Sheikh Shariff Ahmed stated that the current government, which took office in May of last year, cannot extend and serve five years longer than the required four-year term.

‚ÄúPresident Hassan should also keep in mind if there is in need for constitutional change about the extension, it will be valid from the next government to avoid conflict of interest,” said Ahmed “The party also believes that an extension is motivated by fear of leaders not getting elected for a second term because they know they will fail to fulfill promises.”

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud took office last year and is set to finish his four-year term in May 2026.

Some politicians and opposition groups accuse some members of parliament of planning to introduce a motion seeking a one-year extension and the continuation of the government’s rule until 2027.

Ahmed’s Himilo party said that it will oppose any attempt to change laws and the constitution for the benefit of a few people.

According to the party, the constitutional change will devastate the country’s ongoing reconciliation processes as well as its fragile government system.

The government is being urged to prioritize the eradication of the militant group al-Shabab from the country as well as efforts to reconcile Somali communities.