Somali Soldiers in Eritrea to Return Home this Month

Somali president meets soldiers trained in Eritrea.

Somali president said Monday that soldiers trained in Eritrea will return home at the end of December.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud made the announcement while meeting with Somalis living in Minnesota, US.

“The soldiers in Eritrea will start returning before the end of this December and in January their return will be completed,” he said. “We have set everything. We do not anticipate any delays.”

Mohamud visited Eritrea twice, in July and November, and met soldiers in training camps.

The 5,000 Somali troops trained in Eritrea were accused of participating in Ethiopia’s war against Tigray rebels in the country’s north. Both Mogadishu and Asmara have denied the claim.

The soldiers are expected to take part in the country’s ongoing offensive against al-Shabab.