Somali Forces Push Al-Shabab from South and Central Regions

In four weeks, Somali forces have liberated five towns and 16 villages and killed more than 300 militants in the South and Central regions.

According to a military official and state media, the advancing forces destroyed 20 al-Shabab hideouts and four vehicles with improvised explosive devices during the military operations.

The military offensive against the al-Qaida link terror group has been taking place in Hiraan, Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle, Lower Juba, and Mudug regions of south and central Somalia.

Meanwhile, the International Rescue Committee is urging donors to meet the Somalia Humanitarian Response’s unmet needs, which are currently 30 percent financed.

The organization said lack of adequate funding is the worst seen in more than half a decade.

The continued violence, food insecurity and locust outbreaks continue to displace millions from their homes.

Almost 3 million displaced people in Somalia cannot access food, medicine, water, and education for their children due to a lack of funds.

“Almost half of the 12.3 million Somali population risk losing access to life-saving and life-sustaining services in the last half of 2021 due to lack of funding. Nearly half of the 5.9 million people in need of humanitarian assistance are displaced from their homes and since January alone, more than half a million people have fled their homes, with 66% fleeing insecurity and elections-related violence,” said Abdirizak Ahmed, IRC Somalia acting Country Director.