Somali Forces Conduct Security Operation in Mogadishu


Somali security agencies have conducted a security operation in Mogadishu’s Hodan District Wednesday night, searching homes looking for explosives and suspected al-Shabab fighters.

Security officers searched homes and urged the residents to work with them to protect the citizens and properties.

Police gathered hundreds of youth at Al-Baraka junction in central Mogadishu after the operation.

Speaking to the residents, Yassin Noor Kheire, a senior police officer in the Hodan district, urged residents to work with the police. 

“We want you to work on the security and safety of others. Report to us any insecurity incident you come across, including those who are robbing people,” said Kheire.

The operation comes just a few days after the Mogadishu police commissioner survived the bomb attack Saturday. The suicide bomb attack claimed the lives of eight people, most of the police officers and injured dozens.

The Horn of African nation is preparing for the parliamentary and presidential vote in less than three months. Somali militant group has threatened to disrupt the electoral process in the country.

Mogadishu will host the election of 51 members of parliament and eleven senators and the presidential vote, scheduled to take place in October.