Somali Forces Capture Harardhere, Gal’ad from Al-Shabab

Gal'ad town in Galgaduud region, Somalia. (IMAGE CREDIT: SNTV)

Somali government forces and allied clan militias Monday captured Haradhere and Gal’ad (Galcad) towns from Al-Shabab.

“It’s too early to celebrate until we liberate all the remaining areas all over the country. So we need to increase and double our efforts,” said Abdikadir Mohamed Nur, the Somali defense minister.

Haradhere has been under the militant group’s control for the past ten years and is one of the most important towns the government set an eye on when it launched a military offensive more than five months ago.

The latest military success demonstrates the ability of government forces and clan militias to go to other parts of the country and route out the insurgent group from communities.

The Somali national army also attacked al-Shabab positions from two directions Monday morning, leading to the militants vacating the town.

According to government officials, the militant group has retreated and regrouped about 4 kilometers from the town.

Gal’ad residents fled the town three weeks ago when government forces captured Gal Libah village, 10 kilometers away from Gal’ad.

According to reports, the displaced population lacks water and food after fleeing their homes due to the ongoing offensive against al-Shabab in the central regions.