Regional Leaders Given Powers to Pick Somali Clan Delegates

Somali regional leaders will have a greater say in choosing the 101 clan representatives who will then elect the parliament members.

The agreed selection process in the lower house has drawn criticism from the country’s opposition groups and some presidential candidates.

Critics are concerned that the five regional leaders would rig the election in favor of their favorite presidential candidates.

“Regional leaders succeeded in cementing their control over the lower house elections,” said Abdirashid Omar Ali Sharmake, former Prime Minister. “The communiqué subverted the integrity of the process and if it does not get the buy-in of the Somali people, it might trigger new tensions and possibly violence. Immediate revision is required.”

Sharmake lost his senate seat after his name was left off the list of senators running for the upper house in the federal state of Puntland.

Presidential candidate Abdirahman Abdishakur said one could not call an election what is happening in Somalia.

“I don’t expect the protocols that was signed today will require ballot boxes,” said Abdishakur on his Twitter account on Sunday.

So far, 32 senators have been elected out of the 54. The election of the 275 MPs will start after the completion of the senate elections.