Horn Dispatch Weekly Security Brief 6.3.24

Ethiopian forces in Gedo region, Somalia. (Photo Credit: Atmis)

Somalia Wants Ethiopian Forces Out by December

Somalia wants Ethiopian forces out of the country by the end of 2024, according to the National Security Advisor Hussein Moalim.

The African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (Atmis), which Ethiopian forces are part of its mandate, is expected to end later this year.

The announcement comes as tensions rise between Somalia and Ethiopia. In January, Addis Ababa signed a deal with Somaliland, a breakaway region of Somalia, allowing Ethiopian forces to set up a naval base in the Gulf of Aden. 

Ethiopia has both Atmis and non-Atmis forces in Somalia. However, there’s criticism against the plan to remove Ethiopian forces from the country, particularly from the South West regional state, where they are helping with security.

We Will Eliminate Al-Shabab By June, says SNA Deputy Commander 

The Somali National Army has vowed to eliminate al-Shabab from the country by the end of this month.

The Deputy Chief of the Somali National Army, Gen Maday Nurey Sheikh Ufurow, said his forces were waiting for orders to start the push to eliminate the terror group al-Shabab from the country.

Gen Ufurow spoke on Saturday at an event dubbed ‘Mother, Support Your Nation’, which Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre attended.

“The SNA forces are only waiting for an order to start the gunfire. As I speak to you this morning, the troops in every section are in their respective defensive positions,” Gen. Ufurow said. “We promise you that our fight against them will not go beyond June.”

The Somali government launched a military operation against al-Shabab in the central and southern regions in August 2022, and the operation has resulted in government forces liberating more towns, districts, and villages. 

Three IS Militants Arrested in Somalia 

Three Islamic State members were arrested in Somalia’s port city of Bosaso for allegedly threatening business owners.

The Puntland Security Forces (PSF) posted on X Sunday a video of its forces patrolling the streets of Bosaso and said that the militants had been threatening local businesses.

“The objective was to identify and apprehend Daesh (IS) suspects who had been threatening local businesses. During the operation, the PSF successfully arrested three individuals believed to be involved in these threats,” PSF said.

The Puntland force’s security operation comes as Islamic State militants increased their terror activities in the region.

Somali forces, working with US Africa Command (Africom), killed three IS militants in an airstrike in Dhardhar village, 80 km southeast of Bosaso, on Friday.

Somali Army Accelerates Advanced Training Efforts Mogadishu 

Major General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhyadin, Commander of the Somali Armed Forces, convened a special meeting today with officers from the SNA Training College, Turkisom. The focus of the meeting was on advancing the training and capabilities of the Somali army.

During the discussion, Turkish officials joined the commander to explore strategies for the development and reconstruction of the Somali armed forces. With the imminent departure of ATMIS forces by year-end, the SNA is gearing up to assume full responsibility for the country’s security.

This proactive approach shows the commitment to strengthening the skills and preparedness of the armed forces, ensuring a smooth transition and safeguarding Somalia’s  stability.

Source: Somali National News Agency

Atmis Collaborates With Hirshabelle Police to Combat Financial Crime, Terrorism Financing 

The African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) has provided training to Police criminal investigation officers from Hirshabelle State to help them detect and combat financial crimes and disrupt terrorism financing.

Facilitated by the ATMIS Police component, the training included both theoretical and practical sessions. Officers enhanced their skills on financial intelligence, detecting money laundering, investigating corruption and fraud, and understanding investigative methods and procedures.

“ATMIS recognises the need to build the capacity of our Somali counterparts and provide them with knowledge in the face of the ever-growing trend of financial crimes and terrorism financing in Africa and globally,” said Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ernest Agbo, the ATMIS Police lead trainer in Jowhar.

He added “We are happy with the outcome of the training. This was evident during the question-and-answer sessions, where the officers displayed a high level of commitment. We are confident they are now well equipped to detect and stop illegal financial dealings and win the war on terrorism”.

The Hirshabelle State police traffic commander, Col. Hassan Daud, thanked ATMIS for the continued support and mentorship of the Somali Police Force. He requested more such training from ATMIS.

“I want to express my gratitude to ATMIS for the capacity building training they offered to the Hirshabelle State Police. I urge the officers to make efficient use of the skills they have acquired and request ATMIS to conduct more training and mentorship programmes for us,” said Col.Daud at the end of the training.

In attendance at the closing ceremony were ATMIS Civil Affairs officer for Hirshabelle State, Christopher Aria, and the ATMIS Burundi deputy contingent commander, Col. Dismas Hakizimana together with other senior officers from the Somali Police Force.

Source: APO

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