Horn Dispatch Weekly Security Brief 6.18.24

IS Leader in Somalia Targeted 

The U.S. army says it targeted Islamic State leadership in Somalia’s Puntland region, but it cannot confirm whether its leader, Abdul Qadir Mumin, was killed by U.S. forces last month. 

The attack, which took place about 80 kilometers from the port city of Bosaso, killed three unidentified I.S. militants. 

Mumin, wanted for deadly terror attacks in Somalia, took the leadership of the Islamic State after splitting with the insurgent group al-Shabab.

Some security experts have warned that the number and strength of the I.S. have been growing in Somalia’s northern regions, and special attention is needed to deal with it.

AU Forces Hands Barire Military Base to Somalia Troops 

African Union peacekeepers in Somalia have handed over a military base to the Somali government forces as part of the third phase of the country’s troop drawdown later this year.

“Atmis kicked off the third phase of its troop withdrawal by officially handing over the Barire forward operating base to SNA,” Atmis said on X on Monday.

African Union forces in Somalia, known as Atmis, handed the base in Barire town, some 60 kilometers from the capital, Mogadishu. 

The military camp was used to protect al-Shabab fighters and explosives movement to Mogadishu to carry out attacks against the government and civilians.

At least 4,000 African Union troops are expected to withdraw from Somalia by the end of June.

Some 5,000 forces returned to their countries in the first and second phases of the drawdown. 

A Military Court in Somalia Jails Judicial Officials 

A military court in Somalia’s Puntland region has sentenced five army judges and prosecutors for releasing suspects linked to al-Shabab and pirates. 

The judicial officials were given jail terms ranging from two to five years.

Lieutenant Colonel Kenadid Abdiaziz Ahmed, Lt. Col. Abdirahman Warsame Jama, and Col. Sahal Abdi Artan each received five-year prison terms.

Col. Abdiweli Mohamed Mohamud and Major General Adan Ali Mohamud were sentenced to two years behind bars.

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