Horn Dispatch Weekly Security Brief 5.3.24

Kenya Defense Forces in Boni Forest, Lamu County. (Photo Credit: Courtesy)

Kenyan Force Kill Six Suspected Al-Shabab Members

Kenyan security forces killed at least six suspected al-Shabab members in a security operation in Lamu County.

Kenya Defense Forces operating in the area launched an ambush against the militants who are planning to carry out terror attacks in the region.

“The operation successfully neutralized six members of al-Shabab, including a foreign national, and resulted in the confiscation of significant logistical supplies,” the KDF said in a statement.

The KDF said some of the militants managed to escape and advised the residents in the area to remain vigilant. 

“Community members are encouraged to report any suspicious behavior or individuals seeking assistance in the area. This vigilance is crucial as we continue to disrupt terrorist activities and enhance security in the region,” the KDF said.

Last month, two police reservists were killed and another injured in a suspected al-Shabab attack in Ziwa La Taa village in Lamu County. 

Al-Shabab Claims Killing Kenyan Soldiers

Al-Shabab said it killed at least seven Kenyan soldiers in an explosion near the Somalia border.

Radio Andalus, al-Shabab mouthpiece, said the militants targeted the Kenyan forces with an explosion between Kamboni and Burta Komole village in Lower Juba.

Radio Kulmiye has reported that four Kenyan soldiers and six al-Shabab fighters died in the fighting near the Kenya-Somalia border.

Kenyan forces have increased operations against the militant group along the shared border, killing group members and arresting others. 

Al-Shabab Hits Presidential Palace With Mortars 

Al-Shabab said its fighters attacked the presidential palace, Villa Somalia, and the residence of the former Prime Minister with mortar.

According to group mouthpiece Radio Andalus report, al-Shabab shelled Villa Somalia and the residence of Ali Mohammed Gedi in Mogadishu.

The insurgent group claims the mortar injured some of their enemies. Al-Shabab does carry attacks against the presidential palace, government buildings, and homes. 

Somali Spy Agency Foil Assisaniation Attempt in Mogadishu 

An al-Shabab militant was killed and another was captured following a failed assassination attempt in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

Somali government forces say they foiled an assassination attempt by killing one of the suspected assassins and injuring another before apprehending him in the Dharkenley district of Banadir region.

State-owned Radio Mogadishu reported that officers from the spy agency NISA received a tip-off about the perpetrators and pursued them before they reached their target. 

The militant group carries out assassinations against government workers and those who oppose their rule. 

Somali Force Liberate Two Villages in Central Region

Somali forces and allied clan militias liberated two villages from al-Shabab in the Middle Shabelle region.

The villages, Obale and Mansur, which come under Mahaday district, were taken from the militant group after a successful operation launched by the government forces and their allies.  

According to the commander of the Somali National Army’s 28th Abu Ubaidah Battalion, the villages are now peaceful, and the forces are hot on the pursuit of militants who fled the area.  

The Somali government launched a military offensive against al-Shabab in August 2022, which has resulted in territorial gains. However, heavy rains and clan conflict in central Somalia have stalled the progress of the military offensive.

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