Horn Dispatch Weekly Security Brief 5.14.24

Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud calls for unity and support against al-Shabab. (Photo credit: Courtesy)

Somali President Urge Opposition to Support War Against Al-Shabab 

The Somali president has called on opposition groups in the country to support the government’s fight against al-Shabab.

Speaking on Friday at a mosque at the presidential palace, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud called for unity in the fight against the insurgent group.

Mohamud said, “Let us unite in eliminating al-Shabab from our country as well as defend it from Ethiopia and any other entity planning to annex it.”

The president’s call for support and unity comes against political tension. His recent move to amend the provisional constitution, granting him the power to appoint electoral commissionershas drawn criticism from opposition groups who fear it’s a ploy to manipulate the 2026 elections.

The president failed to convene a meeting with the leaders from the federal states, and the Puntland federal state said it would cut ties with Mogadishu and act independently. 

Al-Shabab Receives Financial, Fighters from Somali Clan 

Somali militant group al-Shabab received financial and fighters from one of the Somali clans living in the Bay region.

The Hubeyr sub-clan handed 100 camels, $60,000 in cash, and 250 fighters to boost al-Shabab’s ranks and finances in the Southwest Federal State of Somalia.

The ceremony to support al-Shabab took place in the Rama-Adey area on Baidoa town’s outskirts.

The al-Qaida-linked terror group previously said it had received similar support from some Somali clans in southern and central Somalia to support the ongoing Jihad in the horn of the African nation.

Somali Forces Retook Village After a Brief Takeover by Al-Shabab

Somali government forces retook Saturday after al-Shabab briefly captured the village in the Middle Shabelle region Friday afternoon.

Al-Shabab says its fighters captured a village in the Middle Shabelle region from the Somali government forces after fighting in the area.

The group, according to Radio Andalus, captured a village near Run-Nirgod Frida after attacking the military base. 

Al-Shabab continued to carry out attacks on government forces in the Southern Middle Shabelle region. In late March, the militant group said it had killed dozens of soldiers. 

Regional Forces Capture al-Shabab Operative in a Militant Camp

South West regional state forces said it captured an al-Shabab operative Saturday in a security operation near Bur Hakaba in the Bay region.

According to a statement from South West State officials, Aden Mohamed Ali, Dhayow was captured in the al-Shabab camp in Kunyo Burow village, about 30 kilometers from Bur Hakaba town.

On Thursday, Somalia’s intelligence agency said it arrested at least 12 al-Shabab militants in the region. The suspects were accused of killings and extortion in the Bay and Bakool regions.  

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