Horn Dispatch Weekly Security Brief 11.21.23

Somalia’s police spokesman Saadiq Adan Ali.

Somali Security Forces Arrests Four Foreigners Planning to Join IS

The Somali government says it has arrested at least 20 people, including four foreigners, in a security operation across the country.

Somalia’s police spokesman Saadiq Adan Ali, speaking in Mogadishu, said the security forces arrested at least 20 people alleged to have committed various crimes. The suspects will be presented in court to face charges.

Ali said those arrested were four Moroccan citizens who were arrested in Puntland federal state. The foreigners, police say, were arrested on their way to join the Islamic State group operating in Puntland.

Puntland Post media reports Security forces from Puntland regional state have seized explosives from terrorists who were preparing an attack against the coastal city of Bosaso.

Al-Shabab Video Shows 4 Jubaland Force Defectors

Somalia’s insurgent group al-Shabab published a video Monday (Nov 20) purported to show four soldiers from Jubaland federal state surrendered to the group.

In the 13-minute 44-second video published by the pro-al-Shabab Calamada website, Ahmed Abdi Hassan, Mohamed Bule Muumin, Deerow Iftin, and another soldier who did not provide his name spoke about how the group welcomed them.

One of the men, who did not give his name, spoke about how Jubaland authorities arrested him several times and accused him of being a member of al-Shabab, and each time, he was bailed out.

He said he could no longer live under such constant harassment.

Al-Shabab Claim to Attack Kenyan Military Camp

Somali militant group al-Shabab said it attacked a Kenyan military camp in Lamu County.

Pro-jihad radio station Radio Andalus said the militants attacked the military camp at Baure in Lamu County, sparking a heavy gunfight between the group’s fighters and the soldiers in the camp.

Kenya established a military camp in Baure, Boni Forest, to protect the villagers and use the camp to carry out attacks against the militants who are hiding in the forest.

Clan Militias Join the Fight Against al-Shabab in Central Somalia

The Somali government has paraded hundreds of clan fighters in the town of Baaddweyne, Galmudug federal state, to join the offensive against al-Shabab in central regions.

The clan militias have joined forces with the government troops to fight al-Shabab and liberate towns and villages from the group in central regions.

Last week, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud urged the national army commanders and regional state military leaders to mobilize clan militias to boost the offensive against al-Shabab.

Al-Shabab Militants Killed in Bakool Region

Somali national army says three al-Shabab militants were killed in Makiney village some 40 km west of the Hudur district.

Security forces said they also recovered weapons from the militants fighting in the Bakool region.

The security operation is part of the ongoing efforts by the army in the areas under the Hudur district of Bakool region to drive al-Shabab out of the region.