Horn Dispatch Weekly Security Brief 04.23.24

Mohamed Abdi Ali in court on April 12, 2024. Ali was found guilty of terror activities Monday April 22, 2024. (Photo Credit: ODPP)

A Kenyan Medic Found Guilty of Being a Member of IS 

A Kenyan court has found a medic guilty of being a member of the terror group Islamic State.

The medical intern Mohamed Abdi Ali was sentenced to 12 years in prison for also planning to establish a terror cell for the Islamic State in Kenya.

Magistrate Martha Mutuku sentenced the convict to 12 years in jail and said she considered the eight years behind bars. 

The prosecution said Ali was found in possession of materials related to terror activities.

Ali’s wife, Nuseibah Mohammed Hajji, was also charged but was acquitted on April 12, 2024, due to a lack of sufficient evidence.

Warplane Target Al-Shabab Base in Southern Somalia 

Unknown warplanes reportedly launched an attack on al-Shabab bases located near Jamame in southern Somalia. 

According to the privately owned radio station Radio Kulmiye, the airstrike occurred near a village where the militants had been fighting against Somali government forces on Thursday. 

The Somali government and  its international partners carried out the airstrike on Thursday evening. 

The government claims that over 30 al-Shabab militants were killed in the April 18 military operation.

Somalia Spy Agency Parades Al-Shabab Defectors  

At least eight people defected from the terror group al-Shabab, according to the members of the Somali intelligence agency in South West Federal State.

The intelligence officers paraded the defectors in the Baidoa Bay region.

Somali officials say at least 25 al-Shabab members have surrendered to the authorities in the South West State.

Al-Shabab has a heavy presence in some areas around the Bay and Bakool region and regularly carries terror attacks against government forces and the population. 

Al-Shabab Inciting Clan Conflict, says Somali Official

A Somali official in South West State has accused al-Shabab of inciting clan clashes in Dinsor town in the Bay region.

According to Radio Kulmiye, the regional security minister spoke at a mediation event and said the residents of Dinsor have one common enemy, and it is al-Shabab, who indiscriminately kills the people.

The militant group is blamed for the continued tension and clan clashes in the area, which began last month over land disputes and pastures. 

“The traditional elders from Dinsor, from the warring sides, have decided to settle their differences and signed a peace treaty without the government’s intervention, which they implemented,” the official said.

The Somali government and al-Shabab have previously blamed each other for igniting clan conflict in the country.

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