Horn Dispatch Weekly Security Brief 04.17.24

The Somali government is getting ready to restart the war against al-Shabab in central regions. (Photo Credit: Courtesy)

Somalia to Intensify War on Al-Shabab 

Somalia called for the army to intensify the war on al-Shabab after the government recently paused the fight against the group in the past few weeks.

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud visited three military bases and a Turkish-run camp in Mogadishu, where troops are preparing to resume the offensive against al-Shabab.

“We can defeat al-Shabab because we are more than them in number and have better capacity,” the president told the troops.

The country’s defense minister, Abdikadir Mu’alim Nur Muhammad, on Sunday asked the army to get ready for more fighting against the terror group al-Shabab in the central regions.

Visiting the Baledogle military training camp, the minister said the war on terror will go on until they eliminate al-Shabab from the country.

Three Somali Soldiers Killed in an Al-Shabab Raid 

Al-Shabab says it killed three Somali soldiers, including two commanders, in an attack on a military base near Kamboni village in the Lower Juba region.

According to the group’s Radio Andalus, among the soldiers killed were two commanders, Ali Shakal and Salah Mun, from the Jubaland regional administration.

The attack, the radio says, took Kamboni village along the Somalia-Kenya border.  

Kenya Beef Security After Al-Shabab Stormed Elwak Hospital 

Kenya has heightened in the border town of Elwak after suspected al-Shabab militants stormed a hospital in the area and harassed the guards.

According to Kenyan authorities, more security forces have been sent to the area to secure the medical facility and its residents.

The police said the suspected militants gained access to the facility after cutting part of the fence.

The armed men terrorized the guards on Saturday, demanding to know the whereabouts of the doctors in the hospital. After hours of holding the guards hostage and failing to establish the location of the doctors, they fled the area.    

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