Horn Dispatch Weekly Security Brief 04.02.24

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Somali Forces Arrest 2 Suspects With Grenade in Mogadishu

Somalia’s security forces arrested two suspects with hand grenades, which were intended to be used to carry out attacks against the population.

Somali forces have beefed up security in the capital, Mogadishu, during the month of Ramadan, when al-Shabab carries frequent and deadly attacks against government forces, workers, and the public.

With the full cooperation of Somali citizens, the government’s security forces are maintaining round-the-clock vigilance to ensure the city’s security.

Al-Shabab Parades Defected Government Forces  

Twelve Somali government forces have defected to the terror group al-Shabab, according to pro-jihadist radio station Radio Andalus.

Al-Shabab says the defected soldiers were stationed in the Gedo region. The soldiers were paraded in Ilbete village.

One of the alleged soldiers who defected said he was among the thousands of soldiers trained in Eritrea, and he was grateful to Allah and repented.

The defectors called on their colleagues to join al-Shabab.

South West Regional Forces Arrest Suspected Al-Shabab Member After Grenade Attack 

Somali security agencies have arrested a suspected al-Shabab member who is believed to have hurled a grenade into a mosque in Baidoa.

The regional forces captured the suspect when he tried to escape from the scene of the attack. 

Al-Shabab militants carry bomb attacks against government forces and the public. 

The South West regional state authorities called on the public to work with security agencies to stop terror threats and attacks.

Al-Shabab Seized Drone in Central Somalia 

Al-Shabab has seized an unmanned drone that crashed in the group ’s-controlled area in central Somalia.

The pro-al-Shabaab website Somali Memo published pictures of the crashed drone and some group members.

The website said the surveillance drone belonged to the US. The US government is one of the foreign countries supporting the Somali government with aerial support against al-Shabab and has been targeting the group’s leadership and gatherings. 

Somali Government says it Killed 80 Al-Shabab Militants 

The Somali government says it killed at least 80 al-Shabab militants in a military operation in central and southern regions.

In a statement, the Ministry of Information said some 40 militants were killed in clashes with the army outside Harardhere town, Mudug region, and six others were killed in the Bakool region.

The government said it killed 35 al-Shabab fighters in Fiqay areas, some 15 kilometers from Daru Nima village in the Middle Shabelle region.  

Al-Shabab claims to have killed 26 government forces in the Daru Nima operation on Friday. 

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