Horn Dispatch Weekly Security Brief 03.19.24

(Photo Credit: Reuters)

Al-Shabab Launches Assault on SYL Hotel in Mogadishu 

An al-Shabab attack on the SYL Hotel resulted in the deaths of four soldiers and five militants, with many more injured. 

The militant group claims to have killed 28 people, including presidential guards and wounded 41 during the 12-hour siege.

The SYL Hotel is located close to the presidential palace and is frequented by government officials and parliamentarians.

The Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the Thursday hotel attack.

The militant group carries terror attacks against government forces and areas frequented by government workers and politicians who they see as an obstacle to their rule in the country.

Somali PM Calls For Heightened Security Measures After Hotel Attack  

Somalia’s prime minister has ordered the country’s security agencies to heighten security in Mogadishu following the al-Shabab hotel attack. 

Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre met top security officials, the minister for defense, the state minister for internal security, and the mayor of Mogadishu to discuss the security situation and how to counter al-Shabab attacks, which have increased in the past few weeks. 

The meeting to secure the residents of Mogadishu came a day after al-Shabab attacked SYL Hotel, one of the most protected hotels in the city.

Al-Shabab Militants Kill 9 NISA Members 

Al-Shabab says its fighters killed nine members of Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency in an ambush near Afgoye, 30 kilometers north of Mogadishu.

According to pro-jihadist media station Radio Al Furqaan, the militants seized the AK47 guns, four ammunition pouch magazines, and three communication gadgets known as ICOM.

The group’s mouthpiece also published graphic pictures of five slain soldiers.  

Somali Soldier Charged With Alleged  Collusion with Al-Shabab 

A Somali soldier has appeared in a military court in Mogadishu on charges of killing a senior commander and sharing security details with al-Shabab.

Muawiye Osman Wasuge is accused of involvement in the killing of Major Hassan Mohamed and other soldiers at a military camp in Gal’ad town by al-Shabab militants.

According to the prosecutor, Wasuge allegedly used coded language to share information with al-Shabab and disclose secrets of the Danab force’s operations.

The soldier also stands accused of assisting al-Shabab in purchasing military equipment such as night vision goggles and spy drones.

Jubaland Court Sentences Formers Somali Soldiers for Joining Al-Shabab 

A military court in Somalia’s port city of Kismayo has sentenced three former Jubaland force members to 10 years in prison after they were found guilty of defecting to the al-Shabab militant group in 2023.

The three former soldiers were also found guilty of handing over guns and a land cruiser vehicle to the militants in the town of Jilib.

The Jubaland military judge, Col Abdullahi Mohamud Ibrahim, issued the sentencing on Saturday and ordered the convicts to repay the guns and the military vehicle they sold to al-Shabab. 

The Somali Intelligence arrested the three former soldiers in an operation in October 2023.      

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