Horn Dispatch Weekly Security Brief 03.05.24

Weapons police recovered from suspected al-Shabab militants in Garissa County, Kenya. (Photo Credit: Courtesy)

Kenyan Police Kill 5, Arrest 4 al-Shabab Fighters 

At least five al-Shabab militants were killed and four arrested in a security operation in Kenya’s Garissa County near the border with Somalia.

Kenyan police conducted the operation in the Fafi area on Saturday where al-Shabab militants were hiding.

Security officials recovered two PKM machine guns, six AK47 rifles, and a number of materials used to make improvised explosive devices.

According to intelligence reports, the al-Shabab members crossed into Kenya and were planning to set up a camp in Fafi, Garissa County.

The four suspects are being interrogated and are cooperating with security agencies, according to the security report.

Somali Army Kill al-Shabab Militants 

The Somali government says that its forces killed more than 30 al-Shabab fighters in an operation near the Jamame River in the Lower Juba region.

In a statement, government forces, supported by the Jubaland regional forces, conducted a four-hour-long operation against militants operating around the Jamame district.

The Ministry of Defense also said that Danab forces killed 19 al-Shabab militants and captured nine members of the group on Saturday in an operation in Bar Sanguuni, Lower Juba.

The government says the operation has disrupted al-Shabab’s supply lines, with advancing troops confiscating weapons and removing mines in the ongoing fight against the group in the region.

Al-Shabab Kill 4 Accused of Spying

Al-Shabab says it killed four men accused of spying for Somalia and US intelligence agencies.

According to the pro-group radio station Radio Andalus, the public execution of the four men took place near the town of Bardhere in the Gedo region.

Radio Andalus reports that the men confessed to engaging in a conspiracy against Muslims.

Residents of Ilbete village turned out to watch militants shoot their victims.

In recent months, as the group faces pressure from the Somali government military offensive, it has conducted dozens of killings, accusing their victims of espionage.

Somali Forces Conduct Security Operation Against Al-Shabab

The Somali National Army, with the help of international allies, conducted an operation in the Ali Yabal area, located in the Ceel Dheer district, as well as in other areas in the Galgaduud region on Saturday. 

The commandos received intelligence that terrorists were gathering in those areas, and as a result, some terrorists and militiamen were killed during the operation. 

The army took control of the areas where the operation occurred and destroyed the terrorists’ bases.

Meanwhile the Somali Police Force at the Garasbaley Police Station arrested a group of four youths who killed Hassan Abdiqadir Ibrahim, a Somali National Army soldier. 

The Somali police recovered two pistols believed to have been used to kill the security officer.

The Somali National Army, particularly Regiment 8 Division 60, conducted anti-terrorist operations on Thursday in areas where terrorists were hiding and harming the Somali people. These special operations took place in Labataan Jirow, Garas Deere, and other villages connecting the Bay and Bakool regions. The operation was led by Commander Mohamed Noor Mad-Dere, along with other officers of the Somali National Army.

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