Horn Dispatch Weekly Security Brief 02.13.24

Somali Poet and Lecturer Nageye Ali Khalif in a recent interview with pro-Shabab radio Alfurqaan. (Image: Screen grab)

A Somali Poet Accuse Foreign Governments of Working Against Somali People 

A prominent Somali poet appeared on pro-al-Shabab radio Alfurqaan, accusing Somali neighbors and global powers of working against the security and interests of the Somali people.

The poet and university lecturer Nageye Ali Khalif appeared in the video confirming that he joined al-Shabab. 

In part of the interview, he claims no Somali village or a politician is exempt from the influence of foreign security services and governments.

He said that the areas of Puntland and the autonomous region of Somaliland are controlled and managed by diplomats. 

The Somali government launched a search for the lecturer after a report emerged that he traveled to the al-Shabab-controlled town of Jilib to join the terror group. 

Somalia Forces Kill 27 al-Shabab Members 

Somalia says its forces killed 27 militants and 36 others wounded in Yaaqdabayl village, west of the port city of Kismayo.

The defense ministry said its elite Danab Commandos launched the operation targeting al-Shabab members in the Lower Juba region. 

The attack against the militant group comes as the Jubaland Federal state forces step up its offensive against al-Shabab in the Juba region, where the group enjoys a heavy presence in many villages and towns in the southeast of the country.

Al-Shabab Kills 5 People Allegedly Spying for Somalia, US 

Al-Shabab killed five people in Salagle, Middle Juba. The group killed five people in an open area on Thursday.

The victims were accused of spying for US and Somali intelligence agencies. Among the victims was a 66-year-old man accused of working for a Somali spy agency, according to pro-al-Shabab website Somalimemo.

The al-Qaeda-linked terror group is known to carry out public execution against people it perceives to work for Somali and foreign security services.

Last month, the group killed seven people allegedly spying for Somalia, Kenya and the United States.  

Al-Shabab Mortar Attack Kill 3 in Central Somalia 

At least three people were killed in an al-Shabab mortar attack in the Mudug region.

Witnesses reported that the group launched an attack on the town of Amara on Saturday night, firing at least ten mortars. The attack killed a man and his wife, as well as another woman whose body was burned after the mortar landed in her house.

Somali government forces and allied clan militias captured the town of Amara from al-Shabab in September.

Al-Shabab Claims  Attack on Kenyan Police Post

Al-Shabab Claims Responsibility for Attack on Kenyan Police Post

Somali militant group al-Shabab says it attacked a police station in Mandera County, northeastern Kenya.

According to the pro-jihadist website, Calamada, armed al-Shabab fighters attacked the police in an area called Karro in Mandera County.

The news website reported the militants also destroyed a telecommunication mast belonging to Kenya’s mobile network provider, Safaricom.

Somali Forces Capture al-Shabab Member

The Somali National Army and local forces have captured a suspected al-Shabab member, Mowlid Ali Duhulow, in a planned operation.

The operation occurred in the Waniile area, about 20 km from the Ceeldheer district of the Galgaduud region.

The arrest followed a similar operation in the Ceeldheer District when it was under terrorist control, where the army captured a leader named Garobshe, also a member of the terrorist group.

Somali Forces Kill 5 al-Shabab Militants in Bay Region 

The Somali National Army, specifically Battalion 45 Regiment 8 Division 60, conducted a successful operation in areas where terrorist militias were organizing operations and terror attacks. 

The army killed five militants who were gathering in Garas, Elmerer, and Kurto in the Bay region. 

The operation was led by Second Lieutenant Ali Nur Ali Madow, the commander of Battalion 45 Regiment 8.

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