Horn Dispatch Weekly Security Brief 01.09.24

Al-Shabab organized a rally in the town of Jamame, Lower Juba, against the Ethiopia-Somaliland deal. (Photo: Courtesy)

Al-Shabab Leads Protest Against Ethiopia

Residents of Jamame town, under the control of al-Shabab, staged a protest Saturday against the agreement between Ethiopia and the autonomous region of Somaliland, which gives Addis Ababa access to the sea and a military base. 

The Somali government has said the deal is null and void and does not accept the agreement. Somalia considers Somaliland part of its territory.

Al-Shabab spokesman Ali Dheere and its leader Mahad Karate have rejected the deal. 

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has expressed his concern about the deal, fearing Ethiopia’s interference in its affairs can give al-Shabab more strength and reason to recruit after pushing the group to many towns and villages in central regions. 

Al-Shabab Explosive Transporter Sentenced to Life Imprisonment 

A Somali military court has sentenced Ibrahim Osman Maalim Abikar to life imprisonment for transporting and delivering explosives used in attacks against the population.

Dahir, another militia member, went to the Dugandug area and informed Ibrahim that he was carrying an explosive. The group wanted him to take it to Baidoa town, targeting a gathering place. Dahir buried the explosive in a refugee camp known as Hagarka Bush.

The explosion caused six deaths and injured six others. Ibrahim was arrested on July 22 last year, but Dahir is still evading law enforcement.

Al-Shabab Militants Surrender to Authorities in Bakool Region 

Two al-Shabab militants have surrendered to authorities in Bakool region.

Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Nur, also known as “Said Ali,” 22, and Adan Issack Adan, 21, said they left the group because of its lack of religious adherence, corruption, and misleading actions.

Adan and Mohamed were part of the terrorist group’s military, participated in several wars, and plotted terror attacks against citizens and government forces.  

In late 2023, hundreds of terrorists surrendered to the South West federal state security forces due to the difficult conditions and tough battles they were facing on the frontline.

Somali Forces Kill 26 al-Shabab Militants, SNA Commander Killed

Somali national army (SNA) supported by international allies has killed 26 al-Shabab fighters, including a militant operative, in an airstrike in the Mudug region. 

The aerial strike took place in Jeh-Jeha village on Saturday night. The military said it targeted the militant hideouts.

On Saturday, al-Shabab said it killed 11 soldiers, including the commander of Gorgor Regiment 18 of the Somali National Army, Abdi Mohamed Sulnuug, on Saturday.   

Somali Forces Capture A’ad Town 

Somali government forces and clan militias took control of A’ad town in the south of the Mudug region after days of fighting with al-Shabab fighters. 

The A’ad town was one of the last strongholds of the insurgent group al-Shabab in the region. The operation was led by the deputy DCs of Harardhere and Elhur, along with other officials. 

Al-Shabab militants have fled from the town and its surroundings.

Somali Police Arrest Suspect in Killing Government Employee

Somali police arrested a murder suspect in Hodon District. On January 2, 2024, the Hodon District Police Station apprehended a man accused of killing Khadijo Siad Mohamed, a 43-year-old sanitation worker in Hodan district. 

The suspect, Ibrahim Aden Madey, 19 years old, from Lower Shabelle and a resident of Ceelasha Biyaha, was caught by the police after he tried to resist arrest. 

The police also seized the weapon used in the crime. The injured suspect is now in army custody and will be handed over to the judiciary for legal proceedings.

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