Heavy Fighting in Yasoman Village Central Somalia


Somali Officials say government forces killed 20 al-Shabab fighters in Yasoman village Wednesday after the group launched an attack against military camps in the area. The government officers said it lost three soldiers in the morning fight.

Somali Memo, a pro-jihadist website, reports al-Shabab recaptured Wednesday two villages under the Buula Barde district in central Somalia after a dawn attack on the government forces and allied militias positions in the area.

The group claims to have inflicted heavy casualties on the government forces and the militias in the Yasoman and Bera Yabal area.

The militant spokesperson Abdiaziz Abu Mus’ab said the fighters captured nine military vehicles and banned six others.

In September, the government forces and allied clan militias captured Yasoman and Bera Yabal villages as part of its wide military campaign against al-Shabab.

In August, the government launched a military operation to retake more territories from al-Shabab in central Somalia. The government has vowed to continue with the offensive and eradicate the group in the country.