First Batch of Eritrean-trained Somali Soldiers Return Home

The first batch of Eritrean-trained Somali soldiers returned to the country Wednesday.

The country’s defense minister Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur announced the arrival of the troops, describing it as good news without disclosing how many troops had returned home.

“Our first batch of soldiers who were in Eritrea for training arrived today. The rest of the soldiers will arrive in the coming days to take part in the ongoing fighting against al-Shabab in the country,” he said.

The arrival of the troops comes a day after President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said that the soldiers would return home by the end of December.

Some 5,000 Somali young men were sent to Eritrea for training in 2019. The troops were accused of participating in the Ethiopian war against Tigray rebels in the country’s north. A claim denied by both Mogadishu and Asmara.

President Mohamud traveled to Eritrea twice to fast-track the troops’ return.