Child Soldier Training Camp Uncovered in Central Somalia

Somalia's al-Shabab child solder training camp in Kowsar village, Lower Shabelle region. (PHOTO: Screengrab)

Somali National Television visited the newly liberated village of Kowsar in Lower Shebelle and discovered what is believed to be a child military training camp.

The state-run media outlet, revealed where the group used to radicalize people, most of them children.

One resident said the terror group used the educational institutions as a suicide training camp and radicalization center, teaching children to hate and kill.

According to Human Rights Watch, Al-Shabab recruited children as young as 8 for indoctrination and military training.

In September 2017, al-Shabab ordered parents to hand over their children. The ruthless campaign has led to children fleeing schools or their homes.  

The United Nations Panel of Experts on Somalia said that some of the schools run by al-Shabab were linked to military training facilities. Residents say al-Shabab converted one of the area’s schools into a prison.