AU Opens Joint Operation Centers to Aid Fight Against Al-Shabab

ATMIS opened Joint Operations Centres (JOCs) across its areas of responsibility, to enhance coordination and planning with Somali Security Forces during operations against al-Shabab. (PHOTO CREDIT: ATMIS)

The African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) Sunday opened joint operations centers to improve coordination and planning with the country’s security forces during operations against al-Shabab militants.

In a statement the commander of the mission Diomede Ndegeya said the operation centers would enable the African Union troops and government forces to work together to ensure the military operation is successful.  

“Joint operations centers will be functional in all sectors to coordinate operations and I urge all sector commanders to ensure that they are fully effective in their areas of operations in the regions,” Said Ndegeya.

In recent months, the Somalia National Army and allied militias have been at the forefront of retaking more territory from the al-Qaida-linked group in the country’s central regions.

On Sunday, Somali officials said they killed at least 200 Shabab militants in Hiiraan region.

The Somali Deputy Minister of Defence, Abdifatah Qasim Mahamud said recent joint operations in central Somalia have been successful.

“I congratulate ATMIS for implementing the Joint Operations Centres, which will improve coordination between the SSF and ATMIS. The officers embedded and working together will ensure effective operations,” said Mahamud, who officiated the opening. 

The joint operation centers will help implement the various UN resolutions requiring Somali security forces to take full responsibility for the country’s security gradually.